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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shop Smart, Save Forests

Since I live in an apartment and cannot install a bidet (unquestionably the most sanitary and least environmentally harmful way of taking care of personal cleanliness), I am constantly looking for the greenest way to handle personal hygiene and household cleaning.

I gave up paper towels and paper napkins last year, preferring rags, hand towels and cloth napkins. Just recently, I found (at Dollar General no less!) a package of women's cotton handkerchiefs--and remembered my great grandmother loving hers. Two packages (at $1 each) and I have four handkerchiefs at the start of the fall flu season...enough to start weaning myself from facial tissue. (Before any germophobes reading this faint, I want to remind you all I live alone. Facial tissue has its place when I am in public, and the sources listed in the article linked above will suffice for me to carry disposable tissues whenever away from home).

Recently, I purchased three separate brands of toilet paper made from recycled fibers--Marcal, Seventh Generation, and Office Depot Green--all from Office Depot at a per sheet price of <.02 and am in the process of evaluating each product. All three products are processed chlorine-free. I've purchased the Marcal before and my one complaint with them is the size of each roll. While a single person can make it through several days before the roll runs out, a family may find themselves using a roll a day (not exactly user-friendly for a busy household).

A full review will await the trial of all three products (I am using one brand at a time and taking notes to determine which brand--if any--reigns as superior), I do want to publicize the immense damage being done to old-growth forests simply to wipe our behinds (not only is this topic currently featured on Treehugger--one of my favorite "green" sites--even the Washington Post is covering the topic--pardon the pun).

As with any product recommendations seen on this blog, I am not being compensated by the companies listed here. These are personal opinions only. I've included company links so you may find your own sources; my use of Office Depot is based on the fact that I receive free delivery whenever I order over $50. They also have a Worklife Rewards program that provides me with periodic coupons and in this economic climate, every little bit helps.

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