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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toilet Tissue Test

Okay, the test is over--or at least it is complete enough to give my results.  On my September 27, 2009 post, I talked about the three brands of toilet paper I purchased from recycled fibers (why cut down virgin forest for something that our ancestors did not have and most of the world still does not use?).  As stated before on any of my posts regarding product reviews--these are totally uncompensated personal opinions only.  If I find something I like, I'll tell about it.  If I find something I don't care for, hey, I'll tell you that as well (why should someone else repeat my buying mistake?)

Okay, I have not (yet) gone so green that I use rags--I have read of bloggers who do--but in all honesty, a rag might be softer than the Office Depot tissue LOL!  Actually, it is no worse than tissue used in commercial establishments (and better than some of the tissue I have been exposed to when using public facilities).  No softness; however it does not shred or pill easily and the rolls are sized nicely to last a while.  The rolls are individually wrapped (which does mean I can find odd storage places for them--a whole case takes a lot of room).

I had already talked about the Marcal tissue and roll size issues.  I purchased the 2-ply, double roll 4-pack in a case lot.  The paper itself is okay but I am spoiled more than I thought and changing the roll every other day is not only not fun, but I cannot help but think that the empty cardboard rolls seem to stack up fast LOL!  Sure they are recyclable but still, fewer is better, right?

So, the last is certainly NOT the least.  Overall, I love the Seventh Generation toilet tissue.  The roll size is good, the paper doesn't pill or shred as easily as some of the really soft "premium" tissue on the market, and the cost is quite acceptable.  Unfortunately, it was the paper I used first from this buying trip.  I need to use up the remainder of the Office Depot and Marcal stock.  Once that is done, however, my standard home toilet tissue will be Seventh Generation (at least until I choose to do as the ancestors did......)

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  1. Very interesting test--seems like it won't take to long to use up what you don't like cause not as much on roll--so that's a good thing--I might give the 7th gen a try, but to spoiled to flushing to go to rags.