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Monday, March 22, 2010

Clean my Clothes with Fruit?

I can't describe how absolutely cool this whole idea is!  Hop over to one of my favorite green blogs, Easy Eco-To-Go and check out her results when she tried Soap Nuts for washing clothes.  I don't like static but I hate the cost of fabric softener, so I have been using white vinegar.  It's fairly effective (usually) and no, my clothes don't smell like vinegar, but the softness factor lessens a bit with each wash.  My other laundry issue is ensuring I purchase detergent when I have a ride because small, easy-to-carry bottles/boxes are even more expensive per ounce, and large containers are heavy and/or bulky.  So, when I saw this, I immediately went over to the Laundry Tree site and started reading.  Doggone it, I had just yesterday purchased (more expensively!) a bottle of lavender essential oil and a bottle of tea tree oil, or they would be added to my starter kit order.  As it is, I am trying the energy blend essential oil and will be back at a later date with my results.  I am not asking the company for samples and I am not telling them I will be posting my review on my blog.  This will simply be a blind test based on my never-ending search for organic, non-petroleum-based, "green" products for my life.  If you decide to check out Julia's blog post about Laundry Tree, will you please tell her I sent you?  Thanks!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the post! I'm super happy with them and I've tried lots of "natural" detergents! Thanks for writing about the contest!