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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writing Prompt Wednesdays

Michelle over at Southern City Mysteries has started this great Wednesday Writing Prompt.  Her prompt for today is "How the tides came crashing..." and here is what came to mind from that:

The ground was still soggy as Epps tried to gather fallen limbs.  The fast tide in this small creek made it obvious even to his young eyes they'd lived through no ordinary storm.  "Well," he thought,  "Mom and that Charles fella are saying we've gone back in time.  That sure means we were lucky not to have drowned.  How they expect to make a fire out of this wet stuff I don't know, but I better not go any further upstream.  If this really is around Bayou St. John, I could walk into swamp and be a goner for sure."

Well, it's a rough idea of one of my character's thoughts at the moment.  I promise it will read better in the finished novel ;-)


  1. Reads pretty good already. I'm waiting a good adventure.

  2. I love that you used this to work something through from your current WIP! That is great. And you're one of the only people who used dialogue, even internally.

    Another note, 'Epps' is an interesting name, very southern. From this little bit I start to assume his is poor, maybe black in in the early 20th century? Or maybe that's just the way poor in swamps of Louisiana always feels!

    Thank you for participating. Nothing "meager" about it.

  3. Well its me - and if you want soft clothes, use tennis balls and borax. This will keep things green and sweet smelling.