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Monday, February 8, 2010

250 A Day Progress Report

I'm determined to do this; and I was equally determined that it would only count if I wrote the words toward my novel.

I have a character who is not cooperating.  I have a job that required a LOT of writing to customers both Friday and today (well over 250 words each day).  I want to comment on blogs I follow.  I had to write e-mails regarding fraudulent bank transactions this weekend. 

The word count exists--the words toward the novel do not.  In my past, because I did not do this perfectly, I would give up and beat myself up for doing so.  Today, I acknowledge the last four days did not go as planned, but I will not give up. 

Everything that I wrote from Friday thru today had to be well-thought-out and highly edited.  Responses to customers must be concise, truthful, polite and grammatically correct.  Certainly the e-mails required to handle financial situations need to be business-like, firm, honest, and to the point.  I want my blog comments to be readable and contributory and as encouraging to the artist/writer as possible--a critique if you will, rather than a rant or criticism. 

My fiction has a tendency to "flow" and comes to me in brief scenes.  The editing comes after the plot.  I will head to bed now knowing I have written well for these four days.  Tomorrow, after a good night's sleep, perhaps Diana will either behave and let me write what I want about her, or she will have told me in a dream what her next move will be ;-)

At any rate, tomorrow's words will be some part of TGAN...

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  1. A couple of things, first, thanks for commenting on the 365 Days of Novel Writing. I personally think I was insane to start such a project. :) Second is congrats on signing up for the 250! Putting one foot in front of the other is what it's all about. And last is I'm adding you to my blog roll so that I can keep up with your writing progress.