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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Background Noise Challenge

I've followed Trish's posts as a lurker on Next Generation Stampers (a Yahoo Group) for a very long time. I lurk there because, like so many who have begun creating art as adults, I have a very active inner critic who states nothing I could create would be worthy of posting to show to others. Trish's creativity and inspiration allows me to think about art every day, even if I don't find time to actually produce any work.

In an effort to silence my inner critic, I am attempting to become more active artistically (maybe make something once a week?). This blog helps as does my novel-in-progress (lovingly called TGAN for "The Great American Novel").

Learning new backgrounds for my cards and bookmarks is yet another way to tell the critic to MYOB. This Background Noise Challenge has finally nagged at me to the point of playing. I am not yet quite ready to post on her blog, but don't be surprised if I post some backgrounds here soon (especially the watercolour wash backgrounds)...

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  1. Post Girl Post! You're very talented, I've been the recipient of some of that talent!
    Beverly Gotthardt